Modern Acoustic Americana

Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes is an Acoustic Americana  band whose sound falls somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

Holy Patchouli! (Come on, it almost rhymes!)

Jes here, update from the House on The Hill. 

I am editing, feeling like Final Cut is making enough sense that I know what questions to ask when I need help. Learning is fun. 

I am also feeling profoundly grateful for the tools I have at my disposal. Does anyone sometimes sit just kind of awestruck at how much experience and history and creativity and sweat and manpower comes behind building the tools that I am using today with very little technical expertise to make sounds and videos. They are probably still amateur in production, but they still sound pretty fucking awesome and can go out into the world and hopefully bring some little something of the stuff we all need (connection with our work).

We stand on each others shoulders.