Modern Acoustic Americana

Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes is an Acoustic Americana  band whose sound falls somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

Back In Colorado

Well y'all, Jes here. I have had a little break from communication- mostly because I have let myself get too busy. It is kind of ironic that we are trying to make music that helps people release and be present, and in the process of making our living doing it, we can fall as prey to the chaos and the hurry as anyone. We're on our homeward journey now- a couple of big shows coming up at The Fox Theater in Boulder with The Travlin' McCoureys and our homecoming at The Nectar Lounge in Seattle with Head For The Hills and Trout Steak Revival. I am looking forward to a slower pace for the winter, time to muse and find some new inspiration to bring out into the world. I am looking for ways to be a better artist. 

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Viktor Frankl