Modern Acoustic Americana

Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes is an Acoustic Americana  band whose sound falls somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

Band Camp

We have spent the last week in our version of band camp! It feels great after a summer of touring to be able to spend some hours practicing, working up new tunes, and working on the next phase of the new album. A good way to make the transition to the colder months. Back in Seattle, and believe it or not, Jes's trumpet has even found its way out of the case. 

Working up brand new tunes can be a challenge. Working on a new cover or trad tune is more straightforward, and some originals come out all ready to go, but sometimes, the possibilities for a new song can seem overwhelming. When you could still do it in any key, at any tempo, it holds all sorts of promise, but once you make some decisions, then it will change and commit to that feel and you have to say a little goodbye to all the other possibilities that were there. More songs to write.