Modern Acoustic Americana

Jes Raymond & The Blackberry Bushes is an Acoustic Americana  band whose sound falls somewhere between Stevie Nicks, Gillian Welch, and The Infamous Stringdusters.

On The Way To Folk Alliance

Hey everybody! We have had a great winter tour so far - with some sold out shows (THANK YOU!!!) and the chance to be creative and get ready for The Folk Alliance International Conference coming up next week! We have an official showcase! We want to make new friends! Please let us know if you will be there! 

Here is our schedule: 

Folk Alliance Official Showcase

Thursday Feb 18, 7:45 PM Liberty Ballroom

Wed Feb 17:

Access Film Music Green Room rm 629: 1 AM

Friday Feb 19:

Ocooch Mountain Music: rm 747: 11:15 PM

Colorado and Friends: rm 715: 2 AM

Sat Feb 20:  

Access Conscious Alliance Rocky Mountain Suite: rm 532: 11 PM

The Bliss Hippy Room: rm 638:  2AM 

Nothing Lasts, Nothing Is Finished, Nothing Is Perfect

With understandably mixed feelings, The Blackberry Bushes Stringband would like you to know we are about to play our last two shows with Daniel Ullom and Forrest Marowitz. January 9 at The Tractor is Seattle and January 15 at Mississippi Studios in Portland. 

Being on stage with these guys the last two years has been really special. We are all thankful for the time we had together; We are all thankful for the album we made together.

Touring is hard, and not for everyone. Longterm goals are important. That is what this comes down to. We wish Forrest and Daniel the absolute best. Seattle and Portland - Don’t miss these farewell shows.


We really are celebrating the music. 


Jes, Jakob, and Alex are looking forward to what The Blackberry Bushes have in the works. Forrest and Dan will be missed; we are looking for permanent replacements, but in the meantime we have really great players coming on to fill those roles, and we are excited to be an Official Showcase Artist at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City this February. Thank you for being a part of this chapter of The Blackberry Bushes Stringband.

Back In Colorado

Well y'all, Jes here. I have had a little break from communication- mostly because I have let myself get too busy. It is kind of ironic that we are trying to make music that helps people release and be present, and in the process of making our living doing it, we can fall as prey to the chaos and the hurry as anyone. We're on our homeward journey now- a couple of big shows coming up at The Fox Theater in Boulder with The Travlin' McCoureys and our homecoming at The Nectar Lounge in Seattle with Head For The Hills and Trout Steak Revival. I am looking forward to a slower pace for the winter, time to muse and find some new inspiration to bring out into the world. I am looking for ways to be a better artist. 

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
— Viktor Frankl


Y'all! It feels really REALLY good to tell you that our new studio album, THREE RED FEATHERS has dropped today! This album has pushed us, and opened us, and asked each of us to reach for a deeper artistry. We are so thankful to all of our Pledgemusic supporters, Milton Sagahon, Michael Connolly, and Rick Fisher. Celebrate at one of our release shows! If we aren't coming close enough, you can get put the album on and send us high fives. 

OLY WA! and the Brown Bird Video

You guys! The Olympia CD release was a blast. So many friends and new folks! It felt so good to be finally playing all this new music and seeing people respond to it. We work on this every day, and it is hard to see where you are in it until you come back home and see that you really can find new ways to see the world and move in the world. Healing happens. Growth happens. Dancing happens! 

This week we also released this video- directed by Tommy Yacoe! Check it out! 

The Summer of Love

We all make goals to be better, right? I really want to be better about sharing the beauty when I see it here. We did our first pre-release show in Bellingham last night. The T-Sisters were a wonderful band to follow, they had the room mesmerized and we got to go on and play for a room full of  open-hearted, dancing, beautiful people. It has dawned on us, that all we have to do is make music for you guys, and that is a deep well of happiness. 

phones might not take the best pictures, but at least we can remember this with y'all. Thank YOU!

phones might not take the best pictures, but at least we can remember this with y'all. Thank YOU!

Thank You Idaho!

We had such a great week in Idaho and Oregon. You all are awesome. It was great to have Forrest in the van again, and we had some great times playing new songs and getting into trouble on our day off in Boise. We can't wait to see you all again in June! 

Holy Patchouli! (Come on, it almost rhymes!)

Jes here, update from the House on The Hill. 

I am editing, feeling like Final Cut is making enough sense that I know what questions to ask when I need help. Learning is fun. 

I am also feeling profoundly grateful for the tools I have at my disposal. Does anyone sometimes sit just kind of awestruck at how much experience and history and creativity and sweat and manpower comes behind building the tools that I am using today with very little technical expertise to make sounds and videos. They are probably still amateur in production, but they still sound pretty fucking awesome and can go out into the world and hopefully bring some little something of the stuff we all need (connection with our work).

We stand on each others shoulders.